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About the Osaka YMCA

1. YMCA’s goal for each participant in its activities is that he / she will:

* cherish life – his / her own and the life of others!

* feel a sense of responsibility toward family and community

* think and behave mindfully, with a good understanding of the world

* develop a volunteer spirit and an attitude of leadership

* foster a healthy mind and body

At the YMCA we believe that in order to foster the attitudes of compassion, honesty, respectfulness and responsibility, one must cherish each and every opportunity.

2. YMCA Operations

YMCA is funded by donations, participation fees and the dedicated work of volunteers.

3. YMCA Activities

Activities are available to all, regardless of age, gender, nationality or ethnicity, abilities, or religion.


4. Worldwide YMCA

It all started in 1844 in London, when George Williams began meeting with 12 young boys. Today, activities are hosted in 124 countries around the world. There are more than 10,000 YMCAs in towns and cities around the world. YMCA membership has topped 30,000,000. YMCAs are not only found in the countries of Europe and the Americas where there is a basic Christian culture, but there are YMCAs in regions with various religious beliefs, such as the Buddhist and Islamic countries of Asia and the Middle East, and also in Hindu countries.


5. Osaka YMCA Osaka

Osaka YMCA was founded in 1882 (Meiji year 15), as Tosabori Youth Hall, and was a front-runner of western civilization. It had a significant impact as a citizen’s movement. The Youth Hall was the first of its kind in the East. It was used for various purposes including the following: lectures, meetings and gatherings. The YMCA was one of the earliest businesses to begin English language instruction and college preparatory classes. This is where professional schools and prep schools of today have their beginning.

Additionally, it was through the YMCA, that Japan was introduced to basketball and volleyball. The YMCA also had a great impact on health and outdoor activities. The pioneering work of youth programs, conducted by the private sector, have contributed by providing social and physical education. Since that time, YMCA has expanded its activities to provide for the needs of the community, making it a safe place in which young people can grow. Additionally, to deal with current issues, YMCA has programs available to parents of children with learning disabilities.

Making use of the YMCA global network, a dispatch of youth volunteers is available to provide assistance in case of natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. By participating in these activities, volunteers have the opportunity to be educated regarding peace, the environment and human rights.

6. Leaders of the Osaka YMCA

In order to solve social problems, we need devoted youth volunteers. Many programs of this kind have been run by and have been a coordinated effort of volunteers and paid staff over the years.


7. Osaka YMCA as a corporation

Although the YMCA conducted and developed many activities before an actual foundation was established, with assistance and guidance from the government, various legal entities were eventually created:

* Foundation Osaka YMCA

* Gakko Hojin (School Foundation) Osaka YMCA

* Gakko Hojin (School Foundation, Kindergarten) Osaka YMCA Gakuin

* Shakaifukushi Hojin (Social Welfare Foundation) Osaka YMCA

8. YMCA Foundation

In keeping with the overall philosophy of ‘Caring, honesty, respect and responsibility’, and the view that our youth are going to be the future leaders of the world, the YMCA offers a variety of programs we believe will help develop strong children and homes, and bind communities together with the support of professional staff, volunteers, and a supportive community.



Our Philosophy


Osaka YMCA Mission Statement

Osaka YMCA's mission is to be connected to the global YMCA and to live with hope and in peace within society, modeling the love and service of Jesus Christ, as we see demonstrated in the Bible.

We strive to create bright and loving communities that cooperate and foster volunteerism.

We desire that all people, regardless of age, will discover meaning and purpose in life and enjoy activities and continued learning.

While cooperating with families and communities, our goal is to aid in the development of children, who are our future. We aim to raise children who understand the preciousness of life and we will work to help people live harmoniously with nature and one another.

We will align people to work together to find fair and peaceful solutions to environment, human rights, and poverty issues.

The triangle in the YMCA logo symbolizes the mature and balanced development of one’s mind, body, and spirit. We feel that by actualizing our calling, we can help create a world where everyone can co- exist in a peaceful democratic society and there, live a calm and happy life.

Our goal is to actualize our mission, and with the Christian principles as our foundation, in this 21st century, we are committed to the community and we will continue expanding our activities.


Global Department
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